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Amanda has worked at F U tattoo for the better part of the last decade. Starting as the shop helper during her senior year of high school, fulfilling her apprenticeship, and then a full time artist. 

She specializes in traditional American style tattoos and enjoys subjects like women, animals, hands, and florals. But really, anything fun. 

Feel free to message or come into the shop for a consultation.

Deposit Price: $60

Minimum Charge: $80

Hourly Rate: $150

Cash only, please.

Large or Custom drawings may be subject to a $100 drawing deposit. 

All deposits are non refundable, however they are transferable. 

Cancellations must be made at least 1 business day ahead of time or deposits may be forfeited.

Amanda is sometimes available for appointments during her off hours. Please note that the appointments may be subject to an "after hours" fee.

Fine Art

Prices vary based on size and preferred surface for paintings and embroidery. These prices are based on the size of the piece and the amount of figures involved. Pieces generally range from 5x7 inches to 22x30 inches and start at $40. 

Base rates for commissioned paintings with a single figure:

5x7 $40

7x11 $80

11x14 $120

15x22 $200

22x30 $300

For portraits of family members or pets, please be prepared with multiple, high quality reference photos.


Things to know first:

1. Delicate and sensitive skin tends to redden and swell slightly, please be aware of this when planning your day after we do your procedure.

2. If you typically remove or dye hair around the area, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment. So get any tweezing, waxing, and or dying done ahead of time and know that you are not advised to do so for at least five days after. 

3. Although it is unlikely that you will have an allergic reaction to the pigment we will be using, you may opt for a spot test. If you choose to have a spot test done, it must be at least five days before the procedure and in a place that is visible to you. 

4. You may take a pain killer, similar to ibuprofen, aspirin, ect. However, please bring it with you and take it when you arrive as doing so too far ahead of time will thin your blood and make the procedure harder for both of us. Similarly, please do not arrive to your appointment hung over or after drinking. 

5. When scheduling you appointment, you may, if applicable to you, want to be aware you your menstrual cycle and not book during that time. Women tend to be slightly more sensitive during this time.


The Run Down:

Microblading is perfect for anyone who has thin, sparse, bald spots, no eyebrows, or just want more eyebrows. The process is minimally invasive and has a very quick healing time. It is done by making small incisions in the dermis with pigment using a small grouping of needles. It is very similar to a hand poke style of tattooing, however far more elegant and advanced. This process was created for individuals with alopecia or had hair loss due to medical treatments. It is really the best way to mimic actual hair. 

The process itself takes about two hours, including the drawing on of your new brows, primary numbing, and the actual microblading itself. I also use a secondary numbing agent throughout the process for maximum comfort. I also ask that you come back for a complimentary, if booked by the end of your first appointment, perfecting appointment, just to make sure everything is just right. Since this is a hand done process and there are factors such as swelling, a certain small amount of bleeding, skin type and skins retention of pigment, the perfecting appointment ensures that you get the best brows possible. 


You will need to provide after care for your fresh new face. I personally recommend the use of pure Vitamin E, which is best purchased in capsule form and can be found at almost any super market or drug store. I also recommend organic Coconut Oil if you know that your skin reacts positively to it. Please plan your after care needs ahead of time.



Deposit: $100

Initial Appointment: $400 cash/$450 credit

4-8 Week Touch Up: Free if booked at time of first session. $50 if booked after.

2-3 Month Touch Up: $50 cash/$75 credit

3-6 Month Touch Up: $100 cash/$125 credit

6-12 Month Touch Up: $200 cash/$250 credit

12-18 Month Touch Up: $300 cash/$350 credit

After 18 months without a touch up, it will be considered a full new brow appointment.

Deposits are non refundable, however they are transferable.

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours ahead of time. If a cancellation is made less an 48 hours in advance, deposits are subject to 50% forfeiture. 





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You can also find me and more of my work on Instagram @amanda_payne

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